Month: December 2020

Tips to Increase Fertility Rate with Fertility Treatment in Malaysia

What can you do to optimise your chance of fertility? Do you have the infertility problem and hope to get a fertility treatment but don’t know how to start?

You may need an IUI treatment to shorten the travel the distance for sperm to reach the egg (ovum) and filter the low quality of sperm to increase the chance of fertility.

You need fertility treatment if you or your partner has problems such as male factor infertility including low sperm count, problems with fallopian tubes, issues with ovulation due to conditions like polycystic ovary syndrome and avoid genetic disorder.

Here are the tips that help you to increase the chances of a successful full-term pregnancy for you!

polycystic ovarian syndrome

1. Take time to relax and release the stress

As your stress levels increase, your chance of getting pregnant is low. In Malaysia, you may have a stressful job and long working hours, but it is time to reduce anxiety and depression levels to increase the chance of becoming pregnant. Infertility treatment specialist may suggest you release your stress through sports activities, listening to music and take more sleep.

You can turn off your phone for a designated period so that you can focus on what you need. Optimal fertility is affected by several factors can not only occur on the female body but male as well. A male fertility test will help you to detect the actual factor that causes infertility problem.

You may receive the support and counselling from a fertility centre Malaysia to manage your stress level.

infertility treatment

2. Know yourself and attend a pre-conception check-up

Many people may not have a clear understanding of how the menstrual cycle works before they accept IVF treatment.

Additionally, many people don’t know male infertility plays a role as well. There are many tests to find out the cause of infertility includes a sperm test.

If you are a woman, you can go through a physical examination to see whether there is a sign of polycystic ovarian syndrome, a high level of male hormone stop the ovaries from generating hormones and making eggs regularly.

Besides that, PCOS is a hormone imbalance, and many people are not aware they have it.

There is another infertility syndrome which is endometriosis, is usually found in the lower abdomen or pelvis. A woman may suffer from pain with periods or pain with sexual intercourse.

You may ask for consultation from an endometriosis specialist because some woman may not have any symptoms at all.

Please get to know your body, and it definitely will help your success in your fertility journey. Get the support you need from the fertility clinic kl.


3. When to see your doctor?

Fertility treatment can take longer time, and fertility decreases with age, so it is better for you to have fertility treatment as younger as you can.

However, egg freezing before 30 years old is recommended to you if you are struggling about it is too young to conceive straight away.

4. Cut the caffeine dan stop alcoholic drinks

It would help if you stopped drinking caffeine drinks before you accept the fertility treatment because of caffeine can negatively affect the quality of sperm and egg. You have to limit your caffeine intake three months before the fertility treatment.

Alcohol consumption can reduce fertility. You should limit or stop drinking to improve the chances of to conceive.

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